Saturday, May 2, 2009

Inspiration vs. Motivation

I am constantly looking for inspiration and coincidentally, I find it all the time. My current shot list is already longer than my projected life expectancy. I have at least three books I'm burning to write. There is a new blog post born in my brain several times a day. I'm swimming in ideas for my next public speaking engagement. Inspiration comes easy but inspiration by itself can be pretty disappointing.

I bet a lot of you are just like me, full of ideas you can't wait to get started on, but still waiting to get started on them. Why do so many people seem to ultimately go to the grave with their best ideas, images, speeches and creations still inside them? I suspect that the reason is that most of us are a lot more inspired than we are motivated. We need a balance.

Last year I started looking for motivation as earnestly as I look for inspiration? I started hanging around motivated people more. I started reading motivational blogs and listening to motivational speakers. I still look daily for the triggers that spark creativity in me, but now I've added several voices to my internal dialog. They are voices of motivation and they are screaming "GO!", "YOU CAN DO IT!", "DO IT NOW", "DON'T WAIT", "GET BUSY"...

I'm more inspired than I've ever been. The ideas are flowing like mad and I'll never get to all of them, but somehow I'm getting to a lot more than I ever imagined I would. This blog is one example. It's not a new idea; It's an old inspiration that finally met with motivation. As you look for ways to improve your game, whatever your game is, pay at least as much attention to the voices of motivation as you do to the voices of inspiration. It may be the one ingredient you need to double in your formula for success. It's sure added a much needed kick to mine.

Hey, you still here? "GO!", "YOU CAN DO IT!", "DO IT NOW", "DON'T WAIT", "GET BUSY"... :-) Happy shooting.


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